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The Salvation Army

Correctional & Justice Services Winnipeg

Our Programs

Choose 2 Change ( Domestic Violence) Program

Domestic violence is abuse or violence (behavior) that occurs between intimate partners. An intimate partner could be a spouse or ex-spouse, common-law or excommon-law partner, boy/girlfriend, exboy/girlfriend or a stalker (stalker imagines an intimate relationship) of the same or opposite sex. 

The objectives of the Choose 2 Change Program are to help adult offenders realistically face the consequences of their behavior, to help understand the relationship between the offence and emotional difficulties, and to take responsibility for their actions.

The program includes an intake appointment, 3 sessions (Saturdays 9am-4pm) and a closing appointment. Choose 2 Change is for adult males and those who identify as male.

To register please contact us at 204-949-2100.

This program is supported by funding through Manitoba Justice, Restorative Justice Branch.

Prostitution Offender Program

The Prostitution Offender Program is a community based alternative measures program offered to those who have been arrested as consumers for “Communicating For the Purpose of Prostitution”. The program includes both educational and therapeutic components at a full day seminar. The program is administered by The Salvation Army Correctional & Justice Services in partnership with the Manitoba Justice Prosecutions and The Winnipeg Police Service.

The program is available to individuals ages eighteen years plus, who have been arrested for “Obtaining sexual services for Consideration or Communicating in any place for that purpose”, provided that they are willing to accept responsibility for the offence. Individuals are required to attend a 1-to-1 intake interview, complete 5 hours of volunteer work, attend a 1 day (8 hour) seminar, and a 1-to-1 closing interview.

The main objectives of this program are to provide a community-based alternative to a criminal conviction, to educate participants in the various repercussions of their actions, and to provide information, follow-up, and support through community resources.

Traditionally, charges are dealt with through the court system by way of jail terms, discharges, probation, and/or fines. In addition to the punitive repercussions, a criminal record is incurred, resulting in long term restrictions (i.e: employment, out of country travel, etc.).

This Diversion Program provides an alternative to the court process, and the avoidance of the punitive aspects of a criminal record. It addresses some of the issues involved with prostitution and emphasizes community concerns.

Fine Option Program

The Fine Option Program is a voluntary program to offer people the opportunity to pay their fines by doing unpaid work for the community. Please note offences under the Provincial Offence Act, Highway Traffic Act, parking offences and surcharges are not eligible for the Fine Option Program. To determine if your fine is eligible please contact the Fine Option office at 204-945-6313

Hours are determined by taking the amount of the fine and dividing it by minimum wage. Participants benefit by remaining in their community with family and friends, where they can carry on with their daily lives. At the same time, community work is completed that might not otherwise get done. And society benefits because Fine Option costs less than sending a person to jail.

If your fine is eligible please contact us to register at 204-949-2100.

Community Service Order Program

This program caters to individuals who have been ordered community service hours by the court

A Court Judge may order a person charged with an offence to preform unpaid community service working as an alternative to a jail sentence. In addition to holding the person accountable, this alterative also provides a way of benefiting the community through community work. A work center will be provided by the Salvation Army Correctional and Justice services to the client. All work centers need to be approved before beginning hours. Supervision is provided to ensure that work is done satisfactorily. Community Service Work may be completed during evenings and weekend for those with fulltime jobs. Failure to complete a Community Service Order will result in a person being returned to court.

To register please contact us at 204-949-2100

Women Seeking Alternatives 

Women Seeking Alternatives is a program that offers an alterative to the court process that avoids a criminal record, jail terms, probation and/or fines that may be related to the charge referred . This is a community-based alternative measures program offered to women, and transgender individuals who have been sexually exploited through prostitution. The program includes educational, therapeutic, and recreational components. The program is offered by The Salvation Army in partnership with Manitoba Justice (Restorative Justice Branch) and The Winnipeg Police Service.

Successful completion of this program will likely result in no criminal record with respect to the refereed charge. More importantly, women will be equipped with greater self-awareness and improved coping skills to assist them towards their goals and dreams. Women are offered individualized supports that suits their needs, which may include:

 Exiting the sex-trade

 Reducing substance use

 Addressing homelessness

This program is supported by funding through Manitoba Justice, Restorative Justice Branch.

Chaplaincy Program

Information coming soon!

Questions or concerns about the programs? Please feel free to send us a email below and we will get back to you in a timely manner. Thanks!

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